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Physics Lab

Welcome to Our Physics Laboratory

Our Physics Lab at Pragya Sr. Sec. School is a hub of scientific exploration and hands-on learning. It’s designed to provide students with a practical understanding of fundamental physics principles in a dynamic and engaging environment.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: Equipped with modern apparatus and cutting-edge instruments, our lab offers students the opportunity to conduct experiments that reinforce theoretical concepts taught in the classroom. From optics to mechanics, electricity to magnetism, students get hands-on experience with various physics phenomena.

Experiential Learning: The lab serves as a platform for students to delve into practical applications, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a scientific temperament. Through experimentation, students explore, analyze, and draw conclusions, honing their analytical abilities.

Encouraging Curiosity: Our lab encourages students to explore beyond the prescribed syllabus, promoting curiosity-driven experiments and research. This space is conducive to fostering a love for physics by enabling students to discover and innovate.

Guided by Expert Faculty: Our experienced and qualified faculty guide students through experiments, providing valuable insights and mentoring to ensure a deeper understanding of concepts. They encourage exploration and facilitate a supportive learning environment.

Safety Measures: Ensuring safety is our top priority. The lab is equipped with safety measures adhering to international standards, enabling students to conduct experiments in a secure and controlled environment.

Beyond the Lab: The skills acquired in our physics lab transcend the confines of the classroom, preparing students for higher education and careers in scientific fields. Students develop problem-solving abilities and scientific thinking that lay a strong foundation for future endeavors.

The Physics Lab at Pragya Sr. Sec. School is not just a space for experimentation; it’s a platform for nurturing scientific curiosity, fostering critical thinking, and inspiring the next generation of innovators and physicists.


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